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Max’s Huge Birthday Celebration!

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So many grand things this last week! Most importantly, Max turned 1 year old! (technically 1.75 years here on earth with us) Mom and Dad are now happy that we can answer people’s “how old?” question with out getting a surprised look. He had several friends and family attend his party at the new house and eat tons of food from Black Diamond Barbecue and birthday cake from Costco.   For dinner, Max got to go out to a new Mexican restaurant and eat tons of avocado. Quite a day.

Max also had his 1 year doctor appointment this week, where he had 4 shots (ouch!) was 34″ tall and weighed in at slightly over 30 lbs. No more bottles or formula for the Max Man. It is all milk and sippy cups from here on out. He also was cleared to sit in his car seat facing forward (but this was primarily because he is way to big to sit in the rear facing position.) He had a lot of fun on his first ride and is looking forward to more.

Pics below and some video from this past month. More to follow soon. We are way too busy with this guy!

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Snuggling Pillows

Max Loves to Laugh

Max in the Yard

Max Winding Down


Dad’s iPhone Pics

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Mom is in LA, so Dad and Max are getting some quality “guy time” together.

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Max Converses With Cheerio

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Max isn’t speaking many words yet, but he is very vocal. We have no idea what he is saying to or about this Cheerio, but he is certainly feels passionately about it.


Max is 1 next Month!

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Max is huge!  30lbs, 4 teeth of fury, and we can barely keep up with him. He is walking/nearly running all over the place, eating everything in sight and playing so hard all day at daycare that he falls right to sleep most evenings. We are looking forward to everyone (who can make it) coming to see him at his 1st birthday party later on this month. Mom’s doing a photo shoot for tomorrow, but for now, here are some iPhone pics and vids:

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Max Eating Peas


Max in the Tub

Max, Pop & Bottle

Max Exploring Treasures @ The Children’s Museum

Max Spelunking @ The Children’s Museum

Max-O-saurus Rex

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