Max, Grandparents, & CCR

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Max Terrestrial (Tummy Time)

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Max’s longest attempt at tummy time looks a little like a drooly monster on the moon.


More about Max

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So… Max turned 12 weeks old yesterday and tipped the scale at 16 lbs this past weekend. At his Dr. check up a few weeks back, he was in the 90th percentile for weight and “off the chart” for length. (25.25″) He’s also set some sleep records going more than 7 hours a few nights ago. (unfortunately for mom, this isn’t every night yet)

He had his first couple of full days at daycare last week and will have 3 full days in a row beginning tomorrow. He is a very happy boy. Howling, squealing, blowing bubbles, and sputtering variations of his favorite word ‘guh’ are some of his favorite things to do. His hands are often together, feeling each other and anything else that come within range.

He’s a big boy, but he’s not quite as chubby as he looks in this picture:


Max & Sophia 1.15.2011

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Videos – SuperMax, Wild Hug Magnet & Max Awakes

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Max’s First Report Card

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Max had his first full day at daycare yesterday and did quite well. You’ll note from his first report that he was ‘content,’ which I can only assume is better than ‘fussy’ and not quite as good as ‘cheerful.’ Does this mean we have an average kid? Absolutely not. He’s top notch as you’ll see in some of the forthcoming videos…


Max Sleeping and Talking 12.25.10 1.8.2011

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Max’s First Holiday Season

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If there is one thing we learned this year, it is that Christmas and New Year’s Day are very different holidays when you have a baby. Traveling, dinners, movies, puzzles, games, conversations, naps, relatives – everything is different with the Max Man.

During his 8th and 9th weeks of life, Max saw a variety of Christmas lights, slept in a variety of homes, wooed his big sister, met his Southern cousins, became a fan of all types of entertainment (from bouncing to TV), took his first ride in a swing, got his first stocking to hang by the chimney with care, and made his first out-of-state trip to Ohio.

All at once during the holiday, Max became both easier to please and harder to manage. It took every member of the family to entertain him (all who have sore arms from carrying him around to look at things)……he started choosing whether he would stay awake and play or go to sleep, not us…..his clothes are bigger and so are the poos to stain them….and I have had to sacrifice some delectable treats, like ice cream and cheese, to help my boy sleep for long periods in the night.

Max has also started “talking” a lot. Never has someone’s voice made us feel so happy. His coos, shouts, and laughs make us giggle like children when we watch him swat at toys in his play mat. Max’s grandparents even seemed to take notice over the holiday – even Grandpa Russ got a little mushy over it!

Christmas was wonderful with Max. And on New Year’s Eve, we didn’t care that we weren’t out to celebrate or having a glass of champagne. For us, watching the countdown with Ryan Secrest, kissing our son at midnight, and sleeping for 3 ½ hours until the next feeding was perfect.

Here are some photos that may give you a little glimpse (or reminder) of the bundle of joy we call Max…. at 2 months old.

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