Max & Sophia

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These two had some quality time together over Easter. (In case you are wondering, Max didn’t  put the scratch on her face.)


Max Food Update

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Max has been tearing through the new foods in the last few weeks. Carrots, Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Green Beans.. and even Pears, Peaches and Prunes mixed into his oatmeal in the mornings! We haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet.. On deck are apples and bananas!


Max’s Toppers are Bigger!

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Ok, so it’s a cheap attention grabbing headline, but I was very excited to purchase some new Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Nipples in size 3 for Max today. He has been working very hard to get his B-Juice and Formula and now that he is officially 6 mos, he can graduate to the larger “topper” size.

Another happy pic of Max at Easter:


Max is 6 Months Old Today! Happy 1/2 B-day Max!

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Easter weekend with the girls (Sophia and Caroline)

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This Easter, Max got to spend some time with his cousins Caroline and Sophia. A bright cloudy day was a blessing and allowed kids to play with grass and bubbles!


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Max’s Infant Book of Pictures

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Below is a link to some pictures (in the form of a PowerPoint) we showed to Max from the time he was first born. Apparently, black silhouettes are the best things for babies to recognize in the first month or two after being born.

Max’s Infant Book of Pictures Click Here!


When Max found out his Mom was leaving for 2 days…

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Sweet Potatoes

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Max ate his first sweet potatoes this week. He is enjoying each new food and is very skilled at getting it all over his hands and face. He leads with his mouth, but still tends to grab at the spoon or push the food in with his fingers. He’s getting the hang of it…


Max’s First Balloon

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Max got his first balloon after a meal at Red Robin yesterday. As you will see in the video, he thoroughly enjoyed it on the way home.


A Few Classic Max Smiles

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Max Ate Carrots!!!

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Max really enjoyed his first carrots last night. His entire palette of cuisine now includes: B-Juice, Formula, Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, Green Beans, Peas, & Carrots! I think the only thing we weren’t expecting when adding this new orange colored food, is exactly what carrots would look like when they come back up.  He continues to grow and do new things every day. He has developed a fondness for the cats and watches them intently. He gets a chance to pet them occasionally, but needs assistance to ensure that he does not grab a handful of fur. Max has quite the grip. As you will see in the pic below, one of his favorite after-school activities is to hang out with dad, lounging around and watching Yo Gabba Gabba! Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, & the Wonder Pets on Nick Jr.


A few videos of Max Laughing

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Max Laughing April 2nd 2011


Max Laughing March 5th 2011



QR Code for MaxHopkins.com

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I realize now that I should have put some info on this rather than just post it with no explanation. This is a QR Code that can be used by certain devices and applications to link directly to information on the internet. In this case, it is the MaxHopkins.com website. For those of you with iPhones or Blackberries you can use free apps like RedLaser to scan and process QR Codes. It’s a lot like a bar code only with more information. You can create these for free very easily at websites like this one.

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