New Max Pics 10.28.10

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Max is Here!

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Bags packed and in the car. Car seat installed. Charity’s contractions are 15-20 min apart. On standby, but Max will be here soon!!


Sophia So Far Video

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I had way too much fun playing with the new video camera to make this video…  Direct Download link HERE.


Mom (C) taking picture of Dad (J)

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How To Read an Ultrasound

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 We have had quite the medical education during our pregnancy with Max. Most recently, we have begun to learn more about what all those numbers mean when we receive a report and for reference I’ve attached Max’s 10/11/2010 report here. As we wade through the medical jargon, we notice a variety of acronyms: BPD, OFD, HC, AC, FL, etc… as well as ratios such as FL/HC, HC/AC, FL/BPD, etc.. All of these measurements and ratios are used to determine the normal range of development and we are fortunate to learn that Max fits into every one. During our appointment with Dr. Dungy-Poythress, (who happens to be Tony Dungy’s sister) she was able to confidently tell us that everything looked fine within the abilities of the ultrasound technology.  

The averages and percentiles seem to vary both with the source and age of the data used. I found this website very useful to understand exactly what the acronyms meant as well as some charts for averages/percentiles of the BPD, AC, and FL. You may read more about some of the other measurements here. One of the most interesting things you will notice if you look at both Max’s 10/08/2010 and 10/11/2010 ultrasound readings is the differences in measurements for the BPD, HC, AC, & FL. Some of them are close, but note that the BPD is more than 1/2 cm off. It appears that these readings flucutate a bit from tech to machine to office.
More good info here:


Today’s Ultrasound Weight Estimate: 7 lbs 1 oz

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Today Max is 36 weeks and 4 days old. The ultrasound tech calculated his weight to be 7 lbs 1 oz. According to this chart, the average weight for the 37 week is 6.3 lbs. Mayo Clinic website says that he will now continue to gain about 1/2 lb per week  and should weight “nearly 6 1/2 pounds” by week 38. This website says up to 7lbs by week 37.

We didn’t get all the leg measurements, but the ultrasound tech did say “this baby isn’t going to be short”

We’ll see how big he gets!


Fetal Kidney Dilation

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We had really good news today. Max’s right kidney RPD (Renal Pelvic Dilation) measurement was 5.8mm. This means that the ultrasound finding is defined as the slightest mild classification   of  Fetal Kidney Dilation or Hydronephrosis.  Hydronephrosis is not a diagnosis it is an image finding, but it is important to monitor if it continues to show up after birth. In short, it is a non-life threatening condition found in 1.4% of fetal ultrasounds.  Most of these cases resolve on their own and half do not show up on the postnatal ultrasound.  From everything I have read in the past 3 days, the fetal kidney tissue is very elastic and may fluctuate in size. If dilation is noticed on a routine ultrasound, it may become necessary to have regular ultrasounds in order to monitor. Apparrently, the ultrasound technician noted that Max’s right kidney “looked dilated” on the ultrasound we did Friday am. She measured it at 10 mm, which is on the high end of the mild classification, bordering on moderate. Because this was just a general ultrasound not begin done by a specialist,  our OB, Dr. Carr, recommended another look.  Today, Dr. Dungy-Poythress,  of the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic told us that “I wouldn’t have even brought it up, if it looked like this on the original ultrasound” and told us there is no cause for concern and that they do not need to see us prior to delivery. We are also being referred to Dr. Rink who works out of Riley Hospital for any follow up that we may need. He’s one of the top Docs on the planet in this field and, if you are interested, you can read his 56 page CV here. 

We received word at 10 minutes til 5 o’clock Friday that the the ultrasound done that morning had revealed dilation in one kidney, but had no more information to go on until our appointment today. We were concerned, of course, and Charity was her usually calm self. I could only abate my fears by poring over medical journals all weekend. I know way more now about kidney function than I ever thought I would.

Good Resources Here:

Children’s Hospital Boston: Hydronephrosis


Prenatal Hydronephrosis:
A Proposal for Postnatal Study & Follow-Up


Cornell University Pediatric Urology / Prenatal hydronephrosis


Texas Center for Maternal & Fetal Treatment


UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital



Max’s Room Clip

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Max’s Cousin Sophia Marie Counts…

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Max is a Watermelon!

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What a big day for the little guy. Max had his last ultrasound and has grown into a watermelon!


Last Ultrasound!! October 8, 2010

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Can you believe how much Max has grown! He was wiggling all over during this Ultrasound. The technician told us that he kicked or punched wherever she put the probe!


Max’s Daycare

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Mom C (well before Max) on the Majesty of the Seas

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Testing some video here…


The Name Max

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The boy’s name Maxwell is pronounced MAKS-wel. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Maxwell is “Mack’s stream“. Place name. Mack was probably based on the name Magnus (Latin) “great“. See also Mac. Editor Maxwell Perskins; playwright Maxwell Anderson.

Maxwell has 1 variant form: Maxwelle.

For more information, see also the related name Max.

Maxwell is a somewhat common first name for men (#695 out of 1220) and an even more common last name for both men and women (#404 out of 88799). (1990 U.S. Census)


Gender: Masculine

Usage: German, English, Scandinavian

Pronounced: mahk-see-MEE-lee-ahn (German), mak-si-MIL-ee-ən (English), mak-si-MIL-yən (English)  [key]

From the Roman name Maximilianus, which was derived from MAXIMUS. It was borne by a 3rd-century saint and martyr. In the 15th century the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III gave this name to his son and eventual heir. In this case it was a blend of the names of the Roman generals Fabius Maximus and Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus, who Frederick admired. It was subsequently borne by a second Holy Roman Emperor, two kings of Bavaria, and a short-lived Habsburg emperor of Mexico.

The boy’s name Maximilian  is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Maximilian is “greatest“. The name of three Roman emperors and various saints. The name is popular in Germany. Actor Maximilian Schell.

Maximilian has 26 variant forms: Mac, Mack, Maks, Maksim, Maksym, Maksymilian, Massimiliano, Massimo, Max, Maxey, Maxemilian, Maxemilion, Maxie, Maxim, Maxime, Maximilian, Maximiliano, Maximilianus, Maximilien, Maximillian, Maximino, Maximo, Maximos, Maxy, Maxymilian and Maxymillian.




Other bearers of the first name Maximilian:

  • Maximilian Schell, an actor
  • Maximilianus Transylvanus (Maximilian von Sevenborg), sixteenth-century author
  • Maximilian Robespierre, a figure in the French Revolution
  • King Maximillian Acorn, a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series and comic book
  • Tsar Maximilian, the hero of the eponymous Russian folk-play
  • Maximillian Arturo, a fictional character on Sliders
  • Maximilian Pegasus, a fictional character on Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Maximillian Skinner, the main (fictional) character in A Good Year
  • Maximillian (robot), a robot from the 1979 Disney motion picture, The Black Hole
  • Maximillian, the main character in the PlayStation 2 video game Dark Cloud 2
  • Maximillian Edward-Lloyd Jones actor The Sandlot 2
  • Maximillian Faversham, a character in the radio comedy The Penny Dreadfuls Present…
  • Maximilian, a name under which American musician Max Crook is credited for his contribution to recordings

As a pseudonym

  • Maximillian or Max Schmeling, a German boxer
  • Maximilian, the recording pseudonym of 1960s pop instrumentalist Max Crook


Maxwell may refer to:



Given name

  • Maxwell Kogon, (1920–1980), a Canadian RCAF bomber pilot who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during World War II.

Fictional people

  • Duo Maxwell, a gundam pilot from Gundam Wing
  • Enrico Maxwell, an archbishop from Hellsing
  • Maxwell Edison of the song “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
  • Maxwell Q. Klinger, character from the M*A*S*H TV series
  • Maxwell Lord, a DC Comics business man and leader of the Justice League turned villain
  • Maxwell Sheffield, the male lead of the long-running television sitcom The Nanny
  • Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86, from the TV show Get Smart
  • Maxwell, the protagonist of the video game Scribblenauts


New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States
  • Maxwell Hill, a hill in Perak, Malaysia(also known as Bukit Larut)


Origin of the name Maxwell:

Transferred use of the Scottish surname originating from a place-name derived from the name Maccus (great) and the Old English wielle (spring, pool) or wella (stream). The name was indicative of one who dwelled at Maccus’ spring or the stream of Maccus.


The Name Game: Mad About Max!

It’s hard to find a hotter name for boys than Max, and for good reason. Meaning ‘greatest’ in its traditional Latin form of Maximus, nameberry.com co-developer Pamela Redmond Satran says that Max is “unpretentious and friendly but also sounds cool.”

Maybe that’s why celebrity moms and dads have been choosing the moniker in droves. Charlie Sheen, Gilbert Gottfried, Christina Aguilera, Lance Armstrong, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Ryan and Trista Sutter and more have all been mad about various forms of Max in recent years, and they’re just the latest celebrity generation to lend it their stamp of approval. Seasoned stars like Dustin Hoffman, Henry Winkler, Steven Spielberg, Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein all opted for Max with their (now grown) children.

It is a name that has stood the test of time in more ways than one! Pamela explains,

“Saint Maximus was a 7th century monk and theologian from Constantinople. Maximilian grew out of Maximus and has been born by saints, kings and emperors.”

While the name Maxwell — as chosen by Bachelorette alums the Sutters and cyclist Lance Armstrong — has “a somewhat different root,” according to Pamela, it does have a similar meaning. An old Scottish name standing for ‘Mack’s stream,” Maxwell derives from the Scandinavian ‘Magnus’ — a name selected by both Will Ferrell and Kristy Swanson — which also means “great.” All forms of the name are on the rise. According to nameberry.com, in 2008 Max ranked #126, Maxwell ranked #134, Maximus ranked #258 and Maximilian ranked #300. Adds Pamela,

“Taken all together, there were nearly 9000 boys in the US given the name last year, which puts it in the Top 50, right between Jordan and Robert – much more popular than it seems!”


Gender: Masculine

Usage: Ancient Roman

Roman family name which was derived from Latin maximus “greatest”. Saint Maximus was a monk and theologian from Constantinople in the 7th century.


 Authors and philosophers


 Fictional characters

  • Maximus (comics), a Marvel Comics villain who frequently opposes the Fantastic Four and the Royal Family of the Inhumans
  • Maximus Decimus Meridius, the main character in Ridley Scott’s film Gladiator (2000 film)
  • Antillar Maximus, a character in Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series
  • Flattus Maximus, the lead guitarist of heavy metal act GWAR
  • Fortress Maximus, a giant Autobot from the Transformers franchise
  • Maximus Musicus, a the main character of a musical educational franchise of the same name

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