The Movie Trailer for Maxwell Hopkins: Super Boy Baller

The Movie Trailer for Maxwell Hopkins: Super Boy Baller



More Max Vids 3.22.2012

Max continues to get bigger. He dances, shoots the ball, and has fun playing with friends and family! So busy!

Max and the Big Ball


Max @ TCM Going Up Stairs

Max & Guitar

Max + Ice Cube

Max Dance Change Up

Max @ Fresh Beat Band Concert

Max & Sophia 3.18.12

Max is 16 Months Today! Here are some New Vids! 2.25.12

3 in a Row

Max BBall Shot

2 Mucho Queso

Some Crazy Kid Dancin’

New Videos 1.15.12

We had a great Christmas season and Max traveled across the Midwest visiting family and having fun. Hope to have some pictures up soon, but here are some vids to catch everyone up on the Tater Bug.

Max in New Shoes

Max + Pasta

Breakin’ 2: Electric Maxaloo

Max + Remote Control Car

Max vs. Fence

Outside Xmas Eve 2011

Vids of Max Waking Up, Throwing Ball & Laughing

Max @ 13 Months Pics & Vids

Max is 13 Months Old and going full steam ahead… a few current pics and vids:

[nggallery id=26]

The Famous Dancey Pants Video:

Dancin’ in The Mall:

Max & Sophia @ Thanksgiving 2011

This one ends badly.. but we promise he’s ok:

Max’s Huge Birthday Celebration!

So many grand things this last week! Most importantly, Max turned 1 year old! (technically 1.75 years here on earth with us) Mom and Dad are now happy that we can answer people’s “how old?” question with out getting a surprised look. He had several friends and family attend his party at the new house and eat tons of food from Black Diamond Barbecue and birthday cake from Costco.   For dinner, Max got to go out to a new Mexican restaurant and eat tons of avocado. Quite a day.

Max also had his 1 year doctor appointment this week, where he had 4 shots (ouch!) was 34″ tall and weighed in at slightly over 30 lbs. No more bottles or formula for the Max Man. It is all milk and sippy cups from here on out. He also was cleared to sit in his car seat facing forward (but this was primarily because he is way to big to sit in the rear facing position.) He had a lot of fun on his first ride and is looking forward to more.

Pics below and some video from this past month. More to follow soon. We are way too busy with this guy!

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Snuggling Pillows

Max Loves to Laugh

Max in the Yard

Max Winding Down

Max Converses With Cheerio

Max isn’t speaking many words yet, but he is very vocal. We have no idea what he is saying to or about this Cheerio, but he is certainly feels passionately about it.

Max is 1 next Month!

Max is huge!  30lbs, 4 teeth of fury, and we can barely keep up with him. He is walking/nearly running all over the place, eating everything in sight and playing so hard all day at daycare that he falls right to sleep most evenings. We are looking forward to everyone (who can make it) coming to see him at his 1st birthday party later on this month. Mom’s doing a photo shoot for tomorrow, but for now, here are some iPhone pics and vids:

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Max Eating Peas


Max in the Tub

Max, Pop & Bottle

Max Exploring Treasures @ The Children’s Museum

Max Spelunking @ The Children’s Museum

Max-O-saurus Rex

Videos of Max Walking, Dancing and Eating Ice Cream

Boogie Max:

When Max hears music, he either swings his arms side to side, or stomps up and down.. this is some stompin’

Max Eating Breakfast

Max is usually chipper in the am.

Max Eating Ice Cream:

I’m sure that some will think this is a bit mean, but Max was having fun eating ice cream with Dad and Grandpa Russ. (it’s cold!)

Max Walking:

Well, here it is… video evidence that the boy is on the move. No stopping him now!

Max is Walking and More.

So far, his record is five steps (that we’ve seen) and no video yet. His preferred method of transportation remains to be his lightning fast crawl. His front 4 teeth are pretty visible now and he loves to flash the cheesy smile.  He’s 34″ tall and 28 lbs and is eating just about anything we put in front of him. He has started to push away spoons, much preferring to pick up food and eat it himself. He even has some dance moves that he has been working on. Some recent pics and videos here:

 [nggallery id=22]

Sophia Gives Max a Ride:

Max and Table Corners:


Max Videos 8.12.11

Some quick videos are posted here. The boy is so close to walking now! He has taken his first few steps, but still prefers to hit the ground and crawl it out. New size 6 wide Stride Rites are doing the trick!

This was about 2 1/2 weeks ago:

Hopkins Grandkids (not all of them happy to have picture taken!)

Speedy Maxwell 1 month ago:

On the trip back from OBX

Going to Carolina in my mind

I think that we originally signed up for the Outer Banks (OBX) because it sounded like a simple trip – some drive time but overall relaxing and uneventful. It turned out to be quite an exciting, somewhat busy, and an emotional journey for this family.

June 25, the day we arrived in OBX, was Max’s 8-month birthday. In a seven days following, Max reached some pivotal milestones. (And we mean pivotal… as in groundbreaking and mobile.) He finally figured out how to use his knees when he crawled, which meant that he could take the pressure of mobility off of his now huge guns. I am convinced that out of jealousy for his cousin Sophia’s abilities, Max began to pull himself up to standing using all nearby stable furniture. Once mastering the upward motion (and expressing his excitement for doing so), he began to work on the “jumper’s ledge walk” to get from couch to couch, table to table. It always seemed like he was headed straight for the most dangerous things he could find – pointy table corners, wobbly chairs, beverage containers, and wall outlets. I think that J and I realized (even Greg and Amy) that vacations would never be the same with a baby around. You are always on alert.

All the while, we enjoyed some other fun experiences with Max and the rest of the gang. Playing in the ocean, smearing wet sand on our hands and feet, splashing in the pool by our condo, giving Max graham crackers for the first time, sunshine….lots and lots of sunshine. Adults and older kids enjoyed boogie boarding and tasty dinners in and out.

On our final day, J and I were awakened at 2:00 a.m. by our coughing boy…who had the dreaded “barking cough” that our doctor described as one of the only reasons we would need to get to an ER on the weekends. He sobbed as we tried to wake him fully and get him to the only emergency place closeby – an ambulance stationed at the local fire department. After checking Max out, the EMTs said that they couldn’t diagnose Max but figured he had croup, which needed to be treated at the hospital. So, away we went. Max cried in sync with the siren as we drove off into the night, swirving and turning through the winding beach road to the only OBX hospital. After treatment and 4 hours under watch, we returned home….just hours before needing to be packed and checked out of the condo.

We had a sleepy drive home, with one stop in West Virginia to see Grandma and Papaw Counts. Banana bread and happy memories from the week carried us home from there.

And home sweet home it is..

Some Pics & Vids of the Trip:

[nggallery id=20]

Max Just Sat Up for the First Time

Max just figured out how to do this shortly after 8am this morning… And now he won’t stay down!

Max Crawling 5.28.11

Max has been doing this “army” crawl for a few weeks now… He can pretty much get to anywhere he wants to go, so we are now in the process of baby proofing!

Max’s First Balloon

Max got his first balloon after a meal at Red Robin yesterday. As you will see in the video, he thoroughly enjoyed it on the way home.

A few videos of Max Laughing

Max Laughing April 2nd 2011


Max Laughing March 5th 2011


Max Rolls Over On His Own! 3.5.2011

Max Says ‘Hi’ to Mom (sorta)

Max Playing in High Chair 3.1.2011

Max’s Baptism @ St. Elizabeth Seton 2.27.2011

Max Snooze on 2.8.11

Max, Grandparents, & CCR

Max Terrestrial (Tummy Time)

Max’s longest attempt at tummy time looks a little like a drooly monster on the moon.

Max & Sophia 1.15.2011

Videos – SuperMax, Wild Hug Magnet & Max Awakes

Max Sleeping and Talking 12.25.10 1.8.2011

Max Wigglin’ & Talkin’ 12.18.2010

The Text Book Max Meltdown

Max’s First Shot

A Max is Born Video

Sophia So Far Video

I had way too much fun playing with the new video camera to make this video…  Direct Download link HERE.

Max’s Room Clip

Mom C (well before Max) on the Majesty of the Seas

Testing some video here…

Max in 4D Part 2 (and more Celine Dion!!!)

Max in 4D Part 1

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