How Max Spent His Time Last Week

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Sleeping in his Sleep-Satahkah…

Watching  X-mas present wrapping by the fire… 

Turning into a zombie…


Max’s First Photo Shoot

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This week - during some time when Max was wide awake but not too cranky - we had our first photo shoot. The goal was to capture Max’s many facial expressions. Mission accomplished.  

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Mom’s BFF, but Max will take a diaper change from anyone

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This picture was taken in the back seat of the car in the Meijer parking lot. Max had been sleeping for more than 2 hours while we drove around town doing errands with one last stop at the grocery store. With nearly everything checked of the list, Mom had a cart full of groceries and Dad followed behind pushing Max in his stroller. Just before we made it to  the checkout… the Tornado Warning alarm went off (Max’s cry)

Dad made a break for the car while Mom purchased the goods. In the back seat, right after this picture was taken, Dad discovered one of Max’s signature diaper blowouts. It was a pleasant ride home.


Yawns are contagious. Especially Max’s.

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Max Pics 11.13.2010

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Max enjoys shopping with Mom as much as Dad

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Hallelujah Max

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A Max is Born Video

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Max News 11.07.2010

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Mad Max is two…….weeks old!

It is fair to admit that the last two weeks have been challenging and every day seemed to have been seamlessly fused to the next. Over the last 14 days, we have met difficult (“the war on jaundice”) and funny (diaper catastrophes) emotional, physical, and sleep-deprived challenges. I suppose that being first-time parents of an infant make all of these events seem extraordinary……and before they become blurry memories when our brains finally wake up, we wanted to share.

Max stats updates:
Weight: 8 lbs 6 oz (up from 7lbs 8oz at his 4-day checkup) – Max was weighed once with a dirty diaper on and with a lb weight gain, she asked us to change him and weigh him again!
Size:  At 22 ½ inches long, he’s a long, lean boy.
Max’s arms are so long that he’s wearing size 3-month long-sleeve shirts…
But he is too thin to wear 3-month pants just yet.
Max’s noggin is huge and fits most comfortably in a 3-6 month hat (but that’s likely to change when his head finishes shaping). The only one we have at the moment makes him look a little like the musician Jamiroquai.
Feedings: 8-10 times per day, with most meals followed by a nap of 1-3 hours. We usually have one major munching spell each day where he eats every 30-45 minutes in a 3-4 hour period. Those are the hardest for his mother, who doesn’t seem to get to leave the rocker.
First Road Trip: To pick up Lauren at school and take her to dance in Anderson. We had to do one feeding and two diaper changes on the road to survive this 2-hour trip.
First Dinner Out (for his parents too!): Saturday, November 6 at Bravo! Italian Cucina with big sister Lauren and her friend Alexa. We were celebrating the end of finals week at Guerin H.S., catching up with Alexa, J’s birthday, and baby Max!

Max’s “big events”:
Winning the “War on Jaundice”: If you hadn’t heard, Max left the hospital with a high bilirubin count, which is the bacteria that break down red blood cells in his body. It’s very normal for this to happen when the baby had some “assistance” from the doctor during delivery. For our delivery, a suction cup was used to guide Max through the birth canal. It bruised and scraped his head, and it took longer for his body to break down the red blood cells. When the count is high, it causes jaundice (that yellow-orange color on a baby’s skin). Treatment for this condition is a UV blanket that must be on his back 24/7. Within a 5-day period, we watched Max’s score go from 15 up to 17 and down to 13. After the 5th day, we kissed that awful blanket goodbye. Today, his color is pretty much a normal pink like his dad’s!
Diaper Change Disaster: Max’s least favorite time is when his diaper is changed.  He screams like a banshee, and flails his legs and arms about making it hard to quickly clean and change him. And, with a boy, speed is everything.  One night, we had a pretty messy diaper to clean up….one that was already soiled and also actively being soiled while we changed him. Using a little teamwork and lots of laughter, we worked hard to keep the changing table clean and change him. Meanwhile, we laughed so hard that we (Mommy) forgot to keep the diaper guard up for potential sprinkler action………and little Max sprayed all over his face, which we had him aimed directly at! So, the diaper change turned into impromptu late night bath time. Poor guy!


Max pics 11.07.2010

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