Max Pulled Himself Up To Stand For the First Time

Posted by J Hopkins on Jun 24, 2011 in General, Pictures

It’s been a pretty big week for the 7 month old Max Man.  He just learned to sit all the way up on his own and now he has quickly parlayed that move into a kneel/swing-foot-around/pull-up and stand technique. He was able to do it three times last night in his Pack-N-Play and Charity and I were so excited we forgot to get any video footage! So, for now, here’s a picture of the boy. (He turns 8 Months old tomorrow!)


Max Just Sat Up for the First Time

Posted by J Hopkins on Jun 18, 2011 in General, Video

Max just figured out how to do this shortly after 8am this morning… And now he won’t stay down!



Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!

Posted by J Hopkins on Jun 15, 2011 in General, Pictures

Max had his first trip to the Zoo on Sunday and he had a great time. We got there in the late afternoon, and many of the animals were in “siesta” mode, but Max enjoyed seeing all of the people and had some good exposure to wildlife. More pics and video soon, but here are a few to get started:


Weekend at Max’s

Posted by J Hopkins on Jun 7, 2011 in General, Pictures

Max had a lot of fun this past weekend. He had on his vacation clothes in this pic (he must be ready to go to the Outer Banks, NC in a few weeks!)

Max had so much fun with Lauren at The Children’s Museum on Saturday, he couldn’t stay awake for the picture.


Playing in the Water at Daycare Today

Posted by J Hopkins on Jun 3, 2011 in General, Pictures

Max is playing outside in a “water castle” today at daycare. It’s basically a huge, inflatable play area with a sprinkler. He loves to splash in the pool, so I’m sure he’ll have a great time playing in the water with all of his friends.

Here he is, ready to go in his trunks, with Miss Tanya:

Update: Apparently most of the kids (including Max) were not particularly excited about playing in the water at 8:30 in the morning. Most got fussy and they bailed after a little while. Try Again soon!

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